07 Sep
Why Barefoot Training?

The Science and Magic behind the Madness Ippolita di Paola, Coach, EPIC Hybrid Training Ever wonder why we train barefoot at EPIC? Sure it’s convenient...

29 Aug
August Member of the Month! Mauro Villacreses

EPIC Golden Kettlebell Club Member Name Mauro Villacreses How long have you been an EPIC Member? January 2016 What is your favorite EPIC Class? The Blast EPIC Fun Fact I decided...

Deb Northup EPIC Providence
25 Apr
Member Spotlight – Deb N.

Deb Northup is a member at EPIC Providence and also won their New Years Challenge. She may look sweet and innocent, but she...

EPIC Hybrid Coach Sam Ciaccia
20 Jan
EPIC Hybrid Direct | The EPIC Blog

What the Hell is EPIC Hybrid Training? I get this question so much at this point it’s become a running joke with friends, family...

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